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As from Monday 23-03-2020 we are now closed until further notice due to the Corona Virus.

Please check on our Facebook page for more information (click the Facebook logo at the bottom of the page).
Stay Safe everyone and enjoy your family time together.

You can still telephone or email us any questions or appointments requests for the future as we have had our salon telephone number diverted. Click to email us here > 

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Apologies but please do not ask us to sell you the salon colour we use on you for home use, it is strictly for professional use only and we will get into legal trouble if anything should wrong and it can quite easily. We have signed a contract not to do this with our colour supplier.

On the other hand please do not hesitate to ask what you base colour you have, this is so you don't purchase a base colour that is too dark or too light. (Please note that we cannot be held responsible if your colour isn't quite as you expected it to come out using home use box colours)

Please allow us up to 72 hours for a reply on your colour as we will have to visit the salon to look at your record card. (reply should be sooner) Email your query on the email link above or use The Hair Room Facebook Messenger.

Temporary colour sprays and semi-permanent colours are the best option. Please note that you cannot go lighter with a semi-permanent colour.